Top 10 Wall Panel Design Trends In Dubai For 2024

Wall panels have almost entirely replaced traditional treatments, mainly paint jobs and wallpapers for quite a lot of time and good reason. That’s because this wall covering offers a lot of benefits, such as exceptional longevity and compatibility with every wall type. Not to mention immense aesthetic versatility which leads to endless decor possibilities.

So if you’ve also been planning on upgrading your home or workspace walls with paneling, Living With White, a top-tier Interior Design Company is here to make the selection process streamlined and majorly beneficial. We’ve got around 10 mind-blowing wall panel design recommendations that are trending in Dubai right now.

10 Amazing Wall Panel Ideas To Create Opulent Interiors

In a luxury-driven city like Dubai, it’s mandatory to keep up with the interior design trends and this also helps make a property valuable in the long run. The new design ideas and inspirations we’ve mentioned are not just greatly fashionable but are also anticipated to remain trendy in the upcoming years.

Enjoy reading!

1- Vertical Format Panels

Vertical Format Panels

This idea is meant to make a space appear clean, well-balanced, and attractive. You can choose any material for the panels, preferably wooden ones as they will create a sleek, contemporary look. This idea works best for areas where you need sophisticated decor, such as receptions or offices. Try keeping surrounding elements and furnishing neutral to highlight the panels well.

2- 3D Wall Paneling

3D Wall Paneling

3D wall paneling is the most timeless interior decor approach and a flawless idea to make it seem lively and inviting. There are practically endless choices of 3d panels available and if you want an energetic vibe to be escalated all around, it’s best to get highly tangible or tactile designs/patterns. From abstract art to singular interactive panels, every choice will benefit you.

3- Geometric Patterned Panels

Geometric Patterned Panels Opulent Interiors

This one again is meant to make a space look interesting and have an immersive depth plus detailing. Geometric patterns never go out of fashion and they will also help you design the most impressive industrial-themed decors. You can get thin, straight lines if the furnishing or other objects require accentuating, or go with bold, thick ones if you want to highlight the walls only.

4- Reclaimed Wood Panels

Reclaimed Wood Panels

Other than being extremely luxurious, these panels are also highly timeless and you won’t need to update/replace them at any time. They work equally wonders for both modern and traditional settings and investing in them will help you gain an excellent resale value for your property. The best approach is to get dark hues, as they seem high-end and you can also look for grain options.

5- Recycled Glass Panels

Recycled Glass Panels

Glass or mirrored panels of literally any kind offer the huge plus point of making the area look spacious. If you’ve got a somewhat limited or gloomy-looking space, investing in glass panels will benefit you a lot. That’s because the reflective surfaces of these panels cast light well and brighten up the whole area, making it appear roomier. Besides, this option is eco-friendly too.

6- Aluminum Composite Panels

Aluminum Composite Panels

ACP panels are another innovative option for both aesthetic and functional perks. They come in extensive designs and you can also get versions that mimic real, high-end materials such as wood. Also, the possibilities of laying patterns on these panels are infinite, meaning you can do a lot of experimenting, such as mixing and matching two colors.

7- Checkered Grid Paneling

Checkered Grid Paneling

This idea is also more suited to commercial or professional environments where every decor element has to be sleek and minimal. When you top off a wall with a paneling in grid format, there won’t be any need for other decorative elements. Also, even if you have this treatment on one wall of the room, it will still make a huge difference and impart greater luxury all around.

8- Minimalist Panel Backdrop

Minimalist Panel Backdrop

A neutral or minimal wall paneling makes it quite easy to highlight other decorative stuff in the room. Also, it’s the ideal choice for people who prefer simplicity and/or need comforting surroundings. Cool colors like deep blue, pale green, or eggshell white will make your rooms both chic and cozy, ultimately great for unwinding. You can also go with ombre or gradient effects.

9- Metallic Decor Panels

Metallic Decor Panels

The foremost significance of metallic paneling comes from its longevity, which is to say that this treatment will give you an excellent value for your investment. Moreover, they are the easiest to maintain and a perfectly practical choice for every space. You can find both basic and detailed designs as per your taste. Noise reduction and temperature regulation are also their other pros.

10- Half Wall Paneling 

Half Wall Paneling

As implied by the name, this idea involves only the partial covering of a wall. It’s an excellent alternative if fully-paneled walls seem overwhelming to you or if you need something economical. Besides, mostly the lower ends of walls get subjected to damage like stains, scuff marks, and scratches, so the paneling will keep them safe. This idea is also wonderful for LED backlighting.

A Quick Guide To Have The Best Wall Panels 

Other than favorable selection, our following tips and tricks will also help you make the most out of your paneling treatment through adequate upkeep and necessary precautions.

  • The material of your wall paneling must be in accordance with the atmospheric conditions/challenges of the area where you intend to get it. For example, get PVC panels

for moisture-prone areas and fabricated ones if you need insulation or noise reduction.

  • The format of the panels also plays a key role in creating the right look of a room. Small ones offer visual depth and detailing whereas larger ones can help make a room appear spacious. This goes the same for color choices; lighter for roomy effect and vice versa.
  • Never skimp on a paneling treatment because this improvement can be highly rewarding if chosen and invested in the right way. Good quality wall panels will literally last a lifetime and save you from decor expenses as well as wall upkeep hassles.
  • This also goes in terms of paneling thickness, meaning you must prioritize thicker panels as those perform better than thinner and flimsy ones. Having thick panels will make your homes cozy and will also reduce energy expenses through higher insulation.
  • Make sure you dust or wipe clean your panels regularly to retain their attractiveness. Lint-free fabrics or microfiber cloths work best for this purpose as they don’t damage the finish. In the case of upholstered or fabricated panels, you can also consider vacuuming.
  • Act promptly in case of any accidents (stains, spills, or splashes) and perform wiping or spot cleaning. Avoid the slamming of doors to keep the paneling free from damage. If intense sunlight enters your room, make sure you use thick curtains or external blinds.

In The End

This was our time with the top 1o ongoing Wall Panel design trends in Dubai for both residential and commercial decors. Over and above, we’ve also got various unique ways in which you can add the charm of these wall treatments to your places. Paneling home walls is a lot more than just a decorative approach, rather it’s the most foolproof way to protect your walls from all damages, make them easy to clean, and prolong them as well. Insulation and energy efficiency are some of the other aspects that make this treatment worthwhile. Before signing off, we wish both the wall panel shopping and installation times to be maximally delightful for you.

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