About Us

Convenience At Your Doorstep

Living with White is a leading interior design company in Dubai that is efficiently serving you with comprehensive home maintenance solutions since 2011. We also unplug a unique and reliable services distribution model to provide you certified handyman professionals, real-time maintenance, and remarkable interior design service in Dubai.

We Fix Almost Everything

Living with White understands, even knows what people need to fix usually; So whether you’re looking for in-depth information or seeking home refurbishing, curtain hanging, floor fixing, living room paint service, Living with White provides everything in the home maintenance and repair services. Living with White is a leading interior design Company in Dubai and believes in immersive experiences to revitalize your home.

24/7 Available Professional Team

Our professional handyman precisely accomplishes any task to give you a new height of experience. Let’s say, you need to fix anything, we’ll fix it proficiently with the collaboration of world-class partners and a trained fleet of professionals. Living with White continuously delights prestigious customers with quality workmanship in Dubai.

Incredible Customer Service

With a glimpse of technology, we’re heading in a new direction; now you can interact virtually with our knowledgeable staff through video or voice call. We made it exceptionally easier to ask queries, visit the store virtually, get cost estimation, or schedule any fixing job; you can say, we bring the showroom to you.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Living with White committed to creating advance-line innovation in your homes. We hold almost every home improvement and maintenance services on a single platform. Call us now; we’re confident you’ll get the quality workmanship and real-time fixing experiences in home improvement service.

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