How To Choose The Right Flooring For Your Dubai Home Renovation


Floors in your homes impact the overall feel of your place and your lifestyle. To give your interiors a contemporary look and to add texture and pattern to your homes, floor treatments are super important and hence require careful selection. A versatile range of flooring solutions is available in the market to give an revamped look to your interiors. And, it is important to have modern and well-balanced flooring underfoot for a comfortable walk.

When you step up for the purchase of flooring, you will find a number of material choices, textures, and pattern options that vary with the flooring type. If you are confused about how to choose the right flooring for your Dubai home renovation, you can rely on this guide. We have summarized the factors in detail that will help you select the flooring for renovation.

Considerations And Tips To Select The Right Flooring For Interior Renovation

Floors in your residencies lay the foundation for the overall decor of your home. As floors are a big investment that will last in your space for many years, so, you have to select the flooring wisely that will fulfill your needs and styling requirements. You must consider the factors illustrated below for the right flooring purchase.

1. Know Your Lifestyle

Know Your Lifestyle

When you are planning floor renovation, it is important to take notice of the current decor of your place. Always opt for flooring that compliments the existing interior, wall treatment, and furniture styles.

Think about your lifestyle and how you use the rooms to select the flooring that will work wonders according to your needs. Choose a durable flooring based on your area’s usability and normal wear and tear.

2. Consider Functional Requirements

Consider Functional Requirements

When renovating floors, not only does the appearance of the chosen flooring treatment matter but you also have to consider your practical needs. Think about the usage of space and concerned activities in those areas before you select a flooring treatment.

It is always better to choose flooring that goes well with the daily activities in your home. The structural and dimensional stability of the flooring must also not be neglected while purchasing.

3. Types Of Flooring

Selecting the flooring type is one of the most daunting tasks with the availability of various modern and traditional flooring types. Every property has different interior designs and requirements depending on the space as well as the individual preferences of the homeowners. Here are some of the best flooring types that are not just attractive by appearance but also durable for home use.

Wooden Flooring

Wooden Flooring

Wooden floors are made from a broad range of wood materials with various grainy textures, stains, and finishes. These floorings are good for both modern and traditional interior Home Decor. For vintage and traditional styles, you can choose parquet flooring, and from the durability aspect solid hardwood flooring is the best choice. It can be sanded and/or refinished multiple times.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

It is a hybrid flooring that consists of a particleboard wood base and is topped by a transparent decorative layer. It mimics the look of wood and is way cheaper than hardwood floors. With fiberboard backing and high resistance against dents and scratches, it is a great choice to settle for home renovation.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Vinyl flooring is the most contemporary choice to renovate floors because it gives the exact look of wood and stone. This flooring is made from a series of layers that add warmth to your home. It offers strong resistance against scratches, dents, and stains.

PVC Flooring

PVC Flooring

PVC flooring comes in the form of planks and tiles to give a sumptuous look to your homes. It is made from synthetic plastic polymers and it can stand up well against wear and tear. These floors are the best choice to take into account for house improvement.

4. Colors, Patterns, & Texture

Colors, Patterns, & Texture

No matter what flooring you choose to give the finest makeover to your places, it is important to choose the color tone for the floors wisely. The shade you choose for the floors will set the overall tone, appearance, and ambiance of your space.

5. Usage Comfort And Durability

Usage Comfort And Durability

To choose the right flooring, one of the most important factors to consider is comfort and durability. Pick a floor surface that is comfy to walk over. Although hardwood and concrete floors are the rigid flooring types, you can think about installing carpets or rugs for a softer feel underfoot in such a scenario.

To get the best value out of your investment, choose a trusted supplier that will provide you with premium quality products. Depending on the type of materials, floors can last anywhere between 15-30 years.

7. Moisture Resistance

Moisture Resistance

For health and safety concerns, it is super important to have floors that are allergen-free and resistant to moisture. Concrete, tile, terrazzo, and laminate floors are ideal for the moisture-prone areas.

Moreover, you should avoid installing wooden floors in moisture-prone places like kitchen, bathroom, and laundry areas. The sensible option for an interior remodeling that will last for a long time provided adequate care and maintenance is a flooring that is UV, moisture, stain, and fade-resistant.

8. Costs Of Flooring

Costs Of Flooring

Calculation of your budget is necessary before purchasing any flooring product. Set your budget plan for the type of flooring you are planning to purchase. The cost of floor treatments varies with the change in types and installation expenses.

Also, keep the cost of flooring installation and underlayment in your mind. If you are purchasing a product online, delivery charges will also add up to the total costs along with additional materials like stains, adhesives, and paddings. You can shop for budget-friendly flooring from the brands offering discounts.

9. Cleaning And Maintenance

Cleaning And Maintenance

Not every type of floor is easy to maintain and clean. For busy households, it would be great to choose floors that can be easily installed, and cleaned, and are easy to care for. Choosing floors that can be cleaned with just a regular mopping and vacuum cleaning are best for home renovation.

Floors that are eco-friendly and resistant to moisture damage must be installed in the kitchen and bathrooms. The floors that can be refinished and sanded again after the installation are best for long-term use and can be maintained easily.


Choosing the best flooring for your home renovation involves more than just selecting the contemporary and appealing options. Various factors are there to consider like pricing, durability, maintenance, quality, and types of flooring. It is confusing to pick one when there are numerous choices available for flooring treatments. For home renovation, PVC, LVT, hardwood, laminate, and tile flooring are suitable. For additional comfort, you can buy rugs and carpets as well. Don’t forget the easy maintenance, cleaning, and installation factor when choosing one.

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